The Rental Market is Hot here in Las Vegas

If you're a landlord here in Las Vegas and your property has not rented in the last 60 days, then it might be that your property is not up to par with other rentals in the area.  If the property is clean, fresh paint, and new carpet chances are your property will be rented the very first week that it's available.  The only properties that are not rented right now are those that I've walked into and I tell myself "ugh!  Don't touch anything".  You would not believe the properties that are offered for rent that I would not let my cats live in, there are many that are just disgusting.  If you are new to the Las Vegas Valley area and looking to rent you need an agent that can show you these highly desirable properties.  Check out my rental requirements page if you are looking to rent a home here in Las Vegas, it will get you the information you need and help you locate a fabulous home...   


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