It was fun locating all the great cards and handwritten notes that I've received over my 26 years helping clients with their Real Estate transactions.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than when a client goes out of their way to say "Thank You" or thinks so highly of you that they refer a friend.  Here are just a few that I've received over the years...

  • "Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You for all your help, your diligence in obating a loan for me and being available to me as necessary.  You did a great job!  Da'aiyah J. Saint Mary's Medical Center
  • "Dear Henry, We wouldn't have been able to buy our first home without all your help & generosity.  Thank you!  Love Jerry Renee and Julia."  Chase Bank Loan Rep.  
  • "You are the man, Henry I have to say that since I've me you my over-all net worth has really grown and my property holdings actually have an action plan.  I can really see my net worth growing at least every 1-2 years depending on how the Real Estate Markets go.  I owe you more then you can imagine and I consider you a good friend.  Thanks for everything!  Marc C." IBM executive
  • "Hey Henry, I wanted to write and thank you for all of your help and for the $20,000 cash that you provided.  As a school teacher, I was very skeptical about this whole mortgage process, but you truly took the time with me and you made me feel comfortable.  In fact with the personal guidance you gave me, I feel that I can become a Real Estate Investor to supplement my income.  Thanks again!  Yours truly, Marcus P. School Teacher  
  • "Dear Henry, Well, you said you could get me $400,000 cash out of my home and I thought otherwise, since I had been to just about every bank in town.  You surprised me when you handed me the check.  I thought you might like to see where the loan is going.  Actually all the windows are in and shingle siding.  We are waiting for insulation & dry-wall.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.  You have truly made our dreams come true!  Warmly, Orrin & Debbie H." Travel Agents
Heller home
  • "Dear Henry, I just want to say "Thank You" for saving our business.  Without your generous support and hard work, my wife and I would have lost our photography business.  When our previous landlord wanted us out of his shopping center we had nowhere to turn.  We had no money and really no plan, but with your business savvy and knowledge with handling finances you made it truly happen for us.  We are happy with our new location and I was able to purchase that new photo equipment that I needed to stay competitive.  We owe our lives to you, God Bless.  Hiroshi I. - Small business owner
  • "I had some serious medical problems last summer and missed a lot of work.  I fell behind in my mortgage payments and they were going to foreclose on my house in 30 days.  Henry called me, worked out a new loan and saved me from foreclosure.  He understood my problems and really helped me.  Thanks Henry!"  Betty S. - Retired Realtor
  •  "Henry Prejean saved me $450.00 per month!  I refinanced both my first and second mortgages, paid off all my credit cards, a tax lien, and an outstanding judgement.  On top that, I got a lower rate on my new mortgage.  I should have done this years ago but nobody told me how, until Henry called.  I'm so happy with my new loan that I told my son to call and now he' saving money too."  Cecilia D.  29 year retired LAPD 
  • Dominguez
  • "When I first spoke with Henry I was in a real fix.  I own a rental house and was desperate to get a large amount of cash to fix it up.  I'd been all over town looking for a loan but was turned down by all of them.  Henry Prejean got me the money I needed with a new loan in only 3 1/2 weeks.  I'm not only had the money to fix up my rental house but I paid off a couple of big bills and lowered my monthly outgo by over $300!  I took the rest of the money , with Henry's encouragement and bought a business, the Blue Dog Tavern in Long Beach, CA.  I am now a happy Bar Owner and a happily retired Iron worker...  Cheers!"  Robert P.
Blue Dog


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